Captain Barbarossa : I Became An Admiral Over Ottoman Empire Fleet #662085

di Mohamed Cherif

Mohamed Cherif

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In this volume three, Barbarossa continues reciting about the incidents developed especially in Algiers, Tunis, Spain, Italy, and Istanbul in Turkey. The unfinished fights between them and their ultimate enemy, the Spaniards. He talked about the biggest battles never occurred in the seas and oceans with 600 ships on the Spanish side in front of 122 ships from their position. And how he could defeat them despite the huge gap in forces. He talked too about a gigantic attack with 516 ships from the Spaniards' camp including troops from Italy, Belgium, France, Netherlands, and others on Algiers city to occupy it and how his son Hasan could overcome them too with just 600 Turkish warriors and 2000 Arabs volunteers! He described too how he became an admiral over the Ottoman Empire fleet. He reported about Carlos the king of Europe kings and his first admiral Andrea Doria. Their secrets, their attitudes, and behaviors along the story events. How they kill, torture, and burn entire families in Spain and America. He mentioned several times the ottoman empire sultan Suleiman Khan and his great respect for him was expressed in his words. He mentioned also his sea captains and their personal skills.
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