Captain Barbarossa: Arruj Death #662051

di Mohamed Cherif

Mohamed Cherif

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I nominate this second part as “Arruj Death”, who was the hero of the initial part of this life story. In this second part, Barbarossa continues citing the scenes where he lives with his brother Arruj. The major events took place with the Spaniards on the sea and on the land. The areas holding these incidents are principally Algeria of today including ‘ Algiers’ the Capital, ‘Jijel’, ’Bejaya’ and ‘Telemsan’.’ Tunis’ which is too the metropolis of Tunisia at that stage and now, held a considerable part of his tale for the strange facts that he survive. The east and west of the Mediterranean are involved too in his stories. ‘Fass’ city in Morocco and the south of Spain are introduced here.
The crucial event was the death of Barbarossa's brother Arruj in a battle defending his sons. He describes several personalities who had a profound influence on the development of the historic episodes. He talks about treasons that he got from men like ‘Ibn Alkadhi’ who took a space in the time chronicles of his autobiography. Other persons like ‘Massoud’, ‘Abdallah’ and ‘Kara Hasan were considered by him traitors against Ottoman domination in North Africa.
The Sultan of ‘Tunis’ and all the conspirators were allied with Spain against him and his brother Arruj. In this part two, the events on the land are comparable in the description to the ones in the sea with the ships. Barbarossa and his brother Arruj has the practice of the battles in the sea and in the lands and most of these fights were conquered by them except for two, the first one resulted in the beheading of Arruj after treachery by the Spaniards in their dealings with him. The second one was by ‘Ibn Alkhadi’ who arranged for them an ambush in a mountains way where Barbarossa lose 750 of his sailors and despite this, he survived with most of them.
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