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Ashley Hall

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Can people be happy and joyful, without any worries forever? People in love are afraid of losing their lovers, people with money are afraid of losing their possessions, people who are proud are afraid of bad days... will there be "true happiness" in the end? Can people live forever in faith, hope and never be disappointed?

Most Venerable Thanh Nghiem will discuss with you the objective aspects that make people unhappy such as: birth, old age, illness, and death are suffering, hatred must be met, love must be separated, sorrow caused by body and mind brings... and he will guide us step by step through the layers of clouds that cause suffering, not only telling us why people suffer, but also showing us the direction to find " true happy".

The golden enlightenment words of Most Venerable Thanh Nghiem will show us that happiness is not simply a psychological reaction to the external environment, it is caused by the power of compassion and the light of wisdom. It helps us to have the right attitude to life.
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