Never Again - The Feisty Ladies 1 #604123

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Never Again is Kim Jackson's romance novel about Julie, who's ready to do anything for the dominating Jay, who has her spellbound. In 'Never Again' we meet the strong-willed Julie, who's stubborn but possesses a heart of gold. When she sets a goal, she doesn't turn back until she's accomplished it. When she meets the mysterious and withholding Jay, she finds herself having feelings she's never had before. Her need for him is indescribable, but he won't bite. Julie spends a lot of time in confusion, trying to figure out how to win him over. And there is a way, but Julie is hesitant. Because Jay's offer is highly unusual. Then again... What has she got to lose? Soon, Julie finds herself in the middle of a highly-strung love triangle, and she starts to question her decision. Is Julie even capable of doing what Jay is asking of her? 'Never Again' is the first book in Kim Jackson's spellbinding 'Feisty Ladies' series. Kim Jackson is an author of primarily erotica, romance and adult fantasy. She's the author behind several erotic series.
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