Portal Generator, And Other Alien Toys - I Stole A UFO #652751

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What would you do with absolute power? Save the world? Or indulge your basest urges? When the protagonist from The Frick Chamber steals a UFO after murdering its alien pilot during his escape, he quickly discovers there's not much it can't do. Fly anywhere at incredible speeds. Manipulate the flow of time. Even generate portals, which he soon discovers many diabolical uses for...

That puts me in a uniquely powerful position. If I delivered this saucer into the right hands, it could revolutionize humanity’s understanding of physics and what’s technologically possible. It would radically change the world in a matter of months. For good, and for bad. Free energy, or close. But borders would become unenforceable if people could just float their houses from continent to continent. Possible solutions to climate change, cures for all diseases! But also a quantum leap in weapons technology.

I’d like to pretend it’s my noble concern for these potential consequences that keeps me from turning the saucer over to DARPA or whoever. In fact it’s because I’ve come to view myself as an exemplar of unrestrained human nature. Male nature, in particular. How I use the saucer is, almost certainly, how powerful men running world governments would use it.
How I use the saucer...is mainly to creep on beautiful, fit women. A vehicle intended for stealthy abduction and study of human quarry, it wouldn’t surprise anyone to learn, is also superb for perving on unwitting strangers and getting away with it. Even just the cloaking ability of the saucer, and the wristband, have obvious potential for lecherous mis-use, were they to fall into the wrong hands.

My hands are most certainly the wrong ones. I spent a lot of time during that first month surveilling the girls from my class who escaped aboard this saucer with me. You’d think an experience like that would make a return to normalcy impossible. One did start a UFO conspiracy blog and go down that whole rabbit hole. Another turned to hard drugs. The rest just kinda got on with their lives, their bellies swelling month on month as their pregnancies came to term.
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