My Son, The Gigolo 3 #652594

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Drake's and his mother's plan continues to unfold as well as Idin's and Mario's plan to draw Drake away from his mother. Becky's lessons in the bedroom begin in earness. The suduction of Idin slowly picks up, the truth about Mario's charactor is revealed and his destruction is soon to follow. Come join Drake and Iliana, along with the twins in this final installment of the series.

“Like this?” Becky asked innocently as she did as she was told. She followed every command he gave her. How empowered she felt beneath his tutelage. She knew he could have forced himself onto her. Violated her in every way possible that Sunday, yet he didn’t, he only took what she was willing to give at that moment, yet now, now she wanted more. She wanted him to take her. To do her on her bed, to make her howl into the mattress as he made love to her. Sshe wasted no time in wrapping her lips around him. She was determined to see that Drake enjoyed being with her. Nodding in understanding when Drake told her he had to use the bathroom. Watching him walking nude out of her room. Scurrying to her feet, hastily stripping out of the last remainder of her clothes and getting onto her bed. Her heart hammered in her chest, knowing she was about to be taken by a man who knew what he was doing, unlike the first boy she had been with in his room.

“Please, Drake, please, won’t you come over here and do me? Show me what being a woman is really like?” Becky pleaded with him as she saw how he stood in the doorway of her room. “I know I don’t have the skills to compare to the other women you’ve been with, yet they don’t have a tight one like mine.”

“I didn’t bring any condoms with me, Beck,” Drake spoke as he walked towards her bed once he had shut and locked the door.

“It’s okay. Today is a safe day, so you can if you want,” Becky said, trying not to let her voice betray how much she wanted this and how nervous she was at the same time.

“You sure this is what you want? Once we do this, there’s no turning back.

“I don’t care, I want it, I want to feel you take me,” Becky moaned, yet low enough so not to travel outside of her room. She knew if her father found out, she would be thrown away just like he had done with Franklin and Aydin. “Please, Drake, make me yours,” she pleaded once again.
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