Most Daring and Exciting Science Fiction #659525

di Sharma Mahesh


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Science, planets, constellations, sun, moon, Aliens, galaxies—etc. have been interesting and exciting subjects for mankind since the very beginning of creation. Knowing about them, and reading their stories is attractive to everyone.
Science-themed fictional stories have been created in the present book. A total of 11 stories have been given in the book, all of which are more interesting and exciting than one.
The first story is - 'The Doom’s Sun. It has been told in the story that the temperature of the earth suddenly rises to 70 degrees centigrade. People start burning. Some people go to live on another planet to escape, but something happens there too and they have to return to Earth.
In a story called 'River of Blood, a spaceship falls to Earth and starts making people its fuel. In a story called 'Flying Devils', a zoologist creates agriculturally useful locusts, but those locusts rebel, grow as giant as an elephant, and spread terror across the city. 'Great Attacker' is the story of an invention that captures its inventor and becomes the emperor himself. In the novel 'Death Man', after years of experiments, a scientist manages to create a moving man, but that man becomes the enemy of his life. 'Killer Dragons' is the story of such mysterious creatures who break out of the earth after hundreds of years to take vengeance.
Thus, the book is a living document of the author's wide-ranging fantasy views, in the form of science fiction, and proves to be an excellent entertainment for children and adults alike, it is the author's unwavering belief. Must read and create adventure in life.
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