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Bare Behind Bares is a psychological study, really, of love and hatred, pain and pleasure, dominance and submission, and raw, carnal lust of the most depraved sort… a level of consciousness all would shun… unless, of course, it was all being held prisoner against their will, bullied by a lesbian matron and attacked by ferocious Dobermans. Maybe all, too, would crawl and grovel for their freedom.

“It pays to be nice to Sam.. . ”

Hands are on my body… squeezing me there… ouch, it hurts… running over my stomach… heading down… down to touch my...
“NOOOOOOOO!” The walls absorbed the cry.

“Calm down, Kathy… Mrs. Porter says you’ve been a bad girl running away like that… Sam can get you out of here,” the older woman rasped in a voice thick with lust. “You cooperate with me and I’ll set you free!”

Without setting the whip aside Sam’s fingers went to work on the buttons of her official navy blue uniform worn according to regulation. She slipped off the tightly fitting blazer and out of the A-line skirt, then kicked them aside with a booted toe and all the while her hand never lost its caressing, squeezing contact with Kathy’s shivering flesh.

“God, you’re a gorgeous hunk of girl flesh!” rasped Sam standing now in a low cupped brassiere below which a roll of stomach bulged above the deeply cutting hip hugging waist of her black panties; below where the taut strings of her garters stretching to hold up her stockings. Sam ran one hand through the short bristle of her butch hair cut.

“Oh, please… don’t hurt me… PAUL!”
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Lot's Cave, Inc.
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Ofelia Garza