Anal Lust 2 - Six Story Collection #652582

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Anal Lust 2 – a second collection of six intensely erotic stories from the pen of Alex Barton, packed full of incest and anal sex. Featuring a daughter sexually submissive to her father and brother, a horny grandmother who loves being fucked in the ass by her handsome grandson, a woman who is extremely friendly with her pet dog…the ‘Anal Lust’ series is *guaranteed* to arouse and delight anyone who loves anal erotica!

My Greek maid Elena, wearing nothing under her apron, her sumptuous chest bulging behind the black material, her bottom half left bare, entered my study with the mail and then stood waiting while I opened it. I glanced through the letter from my broker advising me to invest in South African gold and then opened the letter from my former wife Honorine, and read what she had to say.

“You will need to pack for me after breakfast, Elena my darling,” I said. “I shall be going to Paris for the weekend so you and your mother may invite her lover to spend the weekend pleasuring you both. Please ensure he has left by the time I return on Sunday evening.”

“Of course, master,” Elena said, her eyes betraying her excitement at the prospect. Then, seeing my seriousness, she moaned with arousal and bent at the waist across my desk, her chest mounding beneath her upper body, reaching back to hold her cheeks in invitation. She waited as I stood.

I employ Elena and her mother Alethea specifically because of their absolute devotion to anal sex, Elena enjoying being taken that way even more than her mother.
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Alex Barton