A Homegirl At Heart #652580

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When feature dancer and glamor model Ellie Andrews narrowly escapes death in a plane crash, she realizes just how lucky she is to have someone who can comfort her in every possible way, her loving daddy. But she’s a horny girl so sex with a movie star, a club owner and even her dog, Blue, are also on the menu in this 49,000 word novella from Alex Barton, written to arouse and delight readers who share his taste for hardcore anal erotica!

Not long past 18, Ellie was on her way to spend a week with her father as a welcome break from the demands of her first year in the big chest feature dancing/glamor modeling business. The climax had been when she attended a major trade show as the newest star of a company run by Lorna Gates, a nationally famous feature dancer. Lorna had contacted Ellie the moment she saw the portfolio of professionally shot photos Ellie sent her and had been supportive and helpful, introducing Ellie to reps from the big-bust websites and magazines, advising her in negotiating with managers of leading clubs in major cities.

Ellie had much to thank Lorna for, but quickly realized she didn’t like being treated as a sexual commodity. She couldn’t remember how many times during the show she signed her autograph, then posed with guys who wanted to fondle her boobs while their friends took pictures. Ellie endured their wandering hands with the best smile she could muster but it wasn’t easy.

Even worse were the male porn stars who came by the stand to press the flesh, like the fat guy whose idea of seduction was to stand next to her...
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Alex Barton