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This eBook “Protect your child from electricity hazards” is a complete and detailed guide, through it, the reader will find all the precautions that parents must follow for the safety of their children against the dangers of electricity from birth to adolescence, and the instructions that they must give to their children in order to prevent their children from being electrocuted.
Protecting your child from electricity hazards could start as soon as they leave the maternity ward. Especially when there are several children in the house, it is important to think about protecting them from these potential domestic and outdoor incidents.
Don’t wait too long to do this, your children will start crawling, exploring the house, to investigate everything they can put their hands on from an early age. Accidental injuries are one of the leading causes of death in the youngest children. Electrical risks are also for older children, even adolescents.
Electrical risks are numerous: electrocution, fire, burns, etc. Children under the age of 5, in particular, are the victims of these domestic electrical disasters in a large proportion.
In France, every month a young child dies from an electrocution. In the United States, children account for approximately 20% of all electrical injuries. Each year, 110 children are injured by electricity in Ontario (Canada).
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