Natural Remedies: Ultimate Guide For Using Plants & Herbs To Heal Your Body & Mind (Herbal Medicine For Common Ailments And For Cleaning, Beauty, And Wellness) #670316

di Robert Zion

Robert Zion

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The Most Amazing Uses for Natural Remedies!
This book contains insight to the amazing world of natural herbal remedies and how incredible they can be for your health!
Antibiotic overuse doesn't just lead to drug-resistant superbugs, it could also permanently wipe out the body's good bacteria and effect your immune system.
Doctors are now advising patients to try alternative medicines before making an appointment for such ailments that they cannot treat.

I will show you how to grow, find, prepare, and consume herbal medicines. I will teach you what each plant can treat, where to forage in the wild for that plant, or how to grow it yourself. I want you to be as informed as possible when using herbal medicines.

In this book you will learn the basics about natural herbal antibiotics and receive a collection of recipes to get you started in making your own herbal antibiotics at home.

This book Consists of Simple Chapters
  • General Herbal Information
  • The Benefits of Herbal and Natural Medicine
  • How The Herbal Remedies Work
  • 100 Herbal Remedies Recipes
  • Much Much More !!

Cold and flu symptoms: coughs, sniffles, headaches, body aches, and fever greatly reduce our productivity and leave us feeling exhausted and tired. There is good news however, you can rise above them utilizing tried and true herbal techniques, natural remedies and simple lifestyle changes that will enable you to supercharge your immune system and protect you from the cold and flu virus—techniques that look to the bountiful energy of the earth for richness and vibrant health.

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