Get Your Ex Back: Have The Relationship Of Your Dreams And Attract High Quality People (Dating Guide For Creating Emotional Attraction) #625179

di Tia Avery

Tia Avery

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This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to win your ex back, and this time, make things right in your relationship. While there are many methods to get an ex-lover back, not all of these will be applicable to your situation. Thus, this book covers the most effective and widely used tactics.

Moreover, we will discuss the proper timing to make the moves and what are the right manners to avoid driving your ex farther away instead of winning them again. A little more awareness on how people think after break-ups will also help you understand their attitude towards you. If you are recently broken, don’t feel lost. You can win him or her back again, and this is relatively easier than what you think.

Do You Want To Discover How Attraction Really Works For A Man/ Woman?

• Understanding How To Attract Men/ Woman
• Why Understanding Men & How To Keep Him/ her Will Unlock The Truth To Male Psychology
• How Attraction Works For A Man/ Woman & What’s Going On Inside His/ her Mind
• What Do Men/ Woman Really Want?
• How To Get His/ her True Personality To Come Out
• The Real Reason Why Men/ Women Become Distant
• Keeping A Man/ Woman Interested, Guessing & Wanting More

The bottom line:

If you're interested in learning how to get your ex back, this book will open your eyes to the hidden interpersonal dynamics that are at play so that you can be better equipped to handle your ex's unpredictable behavior, objections, and moodiness.

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