Dating Playbook: Proven Tips, Lines, and Tricks to Pick Up Girls and Boys (Dating Tips on How to Capture a Girl's Heart, Make Her Fall in Love With You) #667244

di Natalie Summers

Natalie Summers

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Do you have trouble getting matches on your dating apps?

Ever wonder why women don’t reply to your messages?

Did you just delete your dating apps just because they never seemed to work?

If you find any of these sound familiar, don’t worry, you are not alone.

One in three couples finds each other online. The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the dating apps use from last resort to the first choice, as well as shifted dating into the online space.

However, many men who have signed up to dating apps/sites, never get even one date, not to mention the rejection and ghosting. So, how can you win her over from zillions of your competitors online?

Honest and hard-hitting, these principles tackle:
  • Practical struggles of choosing a partner in the modern day.
  • Identifying a potential mate with the right qualities.
  • The advantage that women have in the dating stage.
  • The tools necessary to form a committed, long-lasting bond.

These keys of success are custom-fit for those who are searching for the right partner or for those who would like to be sure that their current relationship is on the right track.

Most people never get a second date. This is despite the first date going apparently as they had planned. This book aims to explore the reasons why this happens and hopefully, give you an insight that will help you increase your chances of getting the second date and eventually landing your dream partner.
I invite you to dig into the pages of this book and glean the wisdom therein. It is time to kiss goodbye those lonely nights. It is time to experience successful dates that lead to fulfilling relationships.

It is my hope that the insight you get from this book will help you achieve exactly that.
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