Coconut Oil is a true Beauty & Health Wonder - (Coconut-Oil-Guide: A true Allrounder for Skin, Hair, Facial and Dental Care, Health & Nutrition) #640438

di Luke Eisenberg

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"About the book" Coconut Oil is a true Beauty & Health Wonder: (Coconut-Oil-Guide: A true Allrounder for Skin, Hair, Facial and Dental Care, Health & Nutrition) COCONUT OIL - one of the most natural oils! The all-round talent for health and body care. You don't have to wait for a miracle cure to do something good for your health, because the simple natural remedies are usually the best. In this guide, the author explains in a simple and understandable way how versatile coconut oil can be used and which tips and tricks he himself and his family use in everyday life. Learn in this helpful guide all about: - The positive effects on skin, hairs & baby care - Coconut oil for healthy and radiant white teeth - Oil pulling & oil drawing cure - Soft detox for the body - Pure exoticism during baking, roasting, frying & grilling - Slimming - Effectively lose weight without yo-yo effect - Coconut oil against vermin in humans and animals Immerse yourself in the world of coconut and experience how you can use the natural healing powers for your body and kitchen without resorting to industrial or chemical aids. I'm sure your body will thank you for it. Take the first step into a better future with more vitality and quality of life. Try it out - it's worth it!
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