Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Action Plan (2 Books in 1) #610428

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Mary Nabors

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Have you been feeling sluggish and sore just getting out of bed in the morning? Sick of feeling tired and achy everyday? Looking for a sustainable way to lose weight, eat healthy, and gain back your lost energy?

Well then, congratulations on taking your first step to healthy living by purchasingThe Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Beginnersbook, and thank you for doing so!
The following chapters will discuss how to improve your daily life, heal your immune system, lose weight, and even prevent degenerative diseases.  Inflammation can throw you into a cycle that is difficult to get out of, causing pain in your muscles and joints, leaving you less active. Living a more sedentary lifestyle will cause weight gain, which will then put more pressure on your joints and cause more inflammation.  But, you can control the inflammation by just making a few adjustments to what and how you eat.
It takes only takes 3 weeks to make anything a habit, start today and build a strong, healthy future.Included is a 3-week meal plan with breakfast, lunch, dinner, smoothies, and even dessert recipes. By just changing your way of eating, you can reduce the inflammation that causes fatigue, joint pain, slowed cognitive function, and many autoimmune diseases. You will find you no longer need pain medication daily,and you don’t have to starve yourself to get there!       

There are many books available to you on this subject, again, thank you for selecting this one! A great deal of effort was made to ensure this book was an easy read while still full of as much useful information as possible; please enjoy!
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