Active Listening: Effective Skill On How To Improve Your Communication Skills (Ultimate Guide To Truly Listen, Understand, And Validate) #660219

di Oliver Hast

Oliver Hast

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The ESSENTIALS for listening are already within you – that is the basic belief expressed in this simple and practical book.

Even without knowledge of the techniques of active listening, the reader will be brought to the realization that he/she possesses all that is needed for listening well.

Listening is the forgotten communication skill, but arguably, the most significant. It is a crucial part of our ability to engage and communicate with others. Listening actively, however, takes this skillset up a level. Almost everyone sincerely believes that they listen effectively; however, good listening skills are rare. Most of us have never been taught the habits that would make us effective listeners, so they need to be practiced and developed. As you develop your listening with purpose, understanding and empathy, you will build better trust and stronger relationships.

Here is an overview of what it contains:
•Communicating effectively
•Developing effective communication skills
•Basic listening skills
•Benefits of active listening
•Ways to increase your self-awareness
•How to become an active listener
•Listening in difficult situations
•Improving how you study nonverbal communication
•Improving how you deliver nonverbal communication
•Stress management
•Communicating effectively by staying calm under pressure

If you want to learn how to improve your relationships, and how to become a better, more open, and more loving person then this book is for you. You will be empowered by the simple knowledge of listening, which is presented here in an easily accessible and highly enjoyable book, using relatable examples from everyday life.

We show you everything you need to know on how to listen to your loved ones, how to apply your new found listening skills to the modern day communications technology, and how to improve your communications with your children.

You can become a better listener, even if you’re known for being distracted or never paying attention. Are you ready to find out what people have been trying to tell you for ages?

Then Get this book today!!
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