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Educated - A Comprehensive Summary

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Education: A Memoir is an autobiographical book written by young female author, Tara Westover. Although some readers may wonder at the authenticity of the book since the author is a bit “too young to write an autobiography,” the quality of written content is without question.
As the reader reads, they will have the opportunity to get to know Tara, her personal life, her past and her present. Growing up in a Mormon family, her life was without electricity, in addition to poor education and medical care, Tara’s life was filled with many difficulties even before she started living it. However, regardless of that, Tara showed to the world that it is possible to succeed, regardless of how poor, unfortunate and difficult the situation in which one lives, is. Forty chapters, which are easy and quick to read, but interesting and compelling, “Educated: A Memoir” is the type of book that is destined to leave a mark in the lives of every reader.

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