I Wasn't Just a Housewife and a Mother ... #602807

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Dorothea König's life began totally normally and remained this way until the VOICE spoke to her and began to lead her when she was 33 years old. It soon transpired that the VOICE had already made vital decisions before she was even born and, albeit quietly, had been directing her life up until that point. It was now that the teaching began. At first she was taught in dreams from the spiritual world and later on while completely conscious in the day. »I Wasn't Just a Housewife and a Mother ...« recapitulates the fascinating journey of Dorothea König and provides answers to the most vital questions: Why had the VOICE chosen her as a pupil? Who were her Teachers and Masters? And most of all, how had her life changed as a result of this? The author strives to present these experiences to her readers in a way that allows them to virtually live through them, and so her stories and teachings merge into the consciousness of the reader as if the same had happened to him or her. If you believe that your birth father is your true father, then you will be just like him. If you believe that your birth mother is your true mother, then you will be just like her. If you believe the people that you live among are truly your people, then you will have to live their fate. But if you know who your true father is, then you too will reach his greatness. If you know who your true mother is, then you too will radiate her beauty. And if you know which is your true people then, with their help, you will save yourself, your birth father and mother and the people that have adopted you.
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