Chair Yoga for Seniors - A Stretching Handbook of Chair Yoga Exercises and Training You Can Do At Home To Build Agility, Strength, and for Healthy Aging #655675

di Teri Wheeler

Teri Wheeler

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Rejuvenate Your Body, Health, and Overall Wellbeing With This Senior’s Guide To Chair Yoga Exercises

To flourish as we age, we must change our habits and way of life. Exercise can be more challenging if you have joint discomfort, sore muscles, tiredness, or other typical age-related conditions. These worries frequently lead seniors to lead a passive or inactive lifestyle, making matters even worse. Thankfully, chair yoga is a simple and inexpensive form of exercise that has enormous advantages for seniors. The excellent health advantages of yoga can be obtained by elderly persons through chair yoga. Even elderly people with limited mobility or those who are not flexible can safely practice yoga by remaining seated. Among the advantages of chair yoga for senior citizens are the ability to stretch and release sore muscles, reduction of chronic pain, and reduction of stress.

This Chair Yoga for Seniors book is written in a simplistic approach to help jumpstart your journey into reclaiming your health and overall wellbeing as you exercise your way up toward gaining strength, balance, and flexibility for healthy living and aging.

Here are snippets of what this book contains;
  • A comprehensive list of how chair yoga exercises can benefit you greatly
  • How to establish a clear chair yoga mindset to derive maximum benefits from the exercises while achieving your overall health goal
  • Safety precautions you must conform to before starting your chair yoga exercises
  • Simple supplies you need to get started
  • The best time of day to exercise
  • What to do before you start your chair yoga exercises
  • Setting up your yoga space
  • Chair yoga warm-up poses, such as sun salutation, cat-cow, etc.
  • Chair yoga poses for strength, balance, and flexibility, such as downward facing dog, warrior II, etc.
  • Chair yoga cool-down poses, such as pigeon pose, hamstring stretch, etc
And lots more!
So, what else are you waiting for?
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