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di Liv Michaels

Liv Michaels

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Dog is a person's best friend, though popular sayings might lead you to think otherwise. 

Men, women and children can all benefit from the loving companionship of a furry canine family member. 

However, how exactly can you go about choosing the perfect dog for you? 

and also being able to train them the right way 

You may be thinking a dog is simply a dog and how hard can it be to choose, you just take the one you think is cutest right? 

If that was your plan for finding a pet, you are probably not ready yet!

There are other factors that you need to also consider before choosing and after bring your dog home

It is important to train your dog once you've brought it into your life. 

However, many dog owners incorrectly believe that having a dog should be an easy ticket for love and companionship. 

Nothing is ever that perfect. 

When you first get your pup, you will watch it go through a variety of activities you consider "bad" or "wrong."

Contained in this book is a detailed guide that teaches you how to train your dog to being the best dog ever.

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