Rejection: Conquer Low Self Esteem And Build Back Your Confidence (Create Better Habits To Beat Failure) #660176

di Patrick Sindelar

Patrick Sindelar

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Rejection feels crappy, there's no getting around that, and we've all experienced it before. We stand back from opportunities in front of us because of this daunting anticipation of getting rejected by a job, an attractive man or woman, a new friend.

The pain overpowers the potential and we fall into a vicious spiral of dwindling self-esteem and mediocrity.

Living this way is a form of self-sabotage, a kind of painful, if you will. In this ebook we’ll explore why people are so afraid of rejection, and the latest studies on the matter, which suggest there could actually be biological reasons for it. Then we’ll explain how to deal with rejection in a relationship, as well as in a career in sales.

Start your journey to a life free of fear, learn how to transform rejection into your ally, by:
  • Embracing rejection
  • Fostering equanimity and emotional resilience
  • Relearning your ways, to fully overcome rejection.

The pain of rejection is not as bad as the regret of never taking a chance. You cannot just sit back and let your dreams die because you are too scared to try to make them come true. Rejection may happen and it may hurt, but that is no reason to let your dreams die. Begin to rejection-proof yourself by overcoming your fear. Begin to be more positive about rejection. Learn and grow from it. Make your dreams happen.

This book is your guide to becoming as rejection-proof as possible in a world where rejection is a fact of life.
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