Overcoming Rejection: Rejection From A Crush, An Ex And Also Rejection From Work (Ultimate Guide For Overcoming Self-doubt, Low Self-esteem And Living With Passion) #669989

di Andries Sumpter

Andries Sumpter

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Depression is something that a lot of people are good at hiding. Sometimes people who crack most jokes are the most broken. They can be laughing too hard and showing the alter ego while crying inside. We never know.
We see people who never want to go swimming and not because they hate water but because they were once drowned and got lucky to make it alive.
Some of the methodologies advocated through the book proposes a concrete analysis of the self, comprehension of strengths, weaknesses and radiating positivity in every thought and deed. The book also emphasises on life being one of the most magical voyages that we should embrace with extravagant imaginations and affirmations, to create our own paths with overwhelming and exhilarating calmth of life.
Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...
  • Understanding Fears, Anxieties, and Worries
  • What Causes Fear Inside Of You
  • The Signs And Symptoms Of Fear
  • How To Overcome The Fears That You Have

With this book, you're about to discover how it is to live your life free from regret and frustration because of any and all types of rejection. I'll also give you an idea as to how you can move on with your life after rejection without looking back.
The effects of rejection can be painful. This book exposes the implications of rejection and also reveals the promises of God through His word to repair relationships and find the strength to move on in life.
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